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The disposable, minimally invasive second-generation surgical atomizer has been specially developed for the most challenging clinical areas of pressurized intraperitoneal and intrathoracic chemotherapy.


Idimed is the exclusive distributor Topol in Europe (excluding Czech Republic, Slovenia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands), Turkey, America (excluding South America), Africa, Asia, Oceania. 

High-safety construction and design

with diameter reduced to 8 mm,

smooth shape without interfering transition elements,

ergonomic and safe grip,

presence of aerosol residue drain hose.

High reliability and durability

integrated particulate filter,

composite and homogeneous mechanism,

Modified spray parameters

wider range of pressure levels,

increased spray angle,

increased particle size and weight,

higher droplet velocity,

enhanced droplet impact,

increased spray stability,

faster dosing.


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