FAQ - Customer






How do I create my account ?


Go to the My Account icon to the right of the search bar at the top of the site. Click on "Create my account", enter your email address and a password, then click on "Create my account".


You are then asked to specify your delivery details and, if necessary, an invoicing address different from the delivery address.



I can't login to my customer account, how do I do that?


To connect to your customer account, move your cursor to "My account" at the very top right of the site. You must first enter the email address with which you created your account, then enter your password.


If you have forgotten it, click on “Forgotten password? “. Enter the email address to connect to your customer account. You will receive by email a link to reset your password.



How do I access my customer account information?


Once you are logged in, your account settings, personal information and order history are available at the top of the site, by moving your cursor to "My Account" and then clicking on "My Profile". You can also access it by clicking on "Already a customer? "in the footer of the site.






How to place an order?


Search for products by product reference or keywords using the search bar at the top of the site. You can also use the product categories at the top of our site to navigate.


When you see the product preview on the results page or when you are on the product sheet, click on the shopping cart: this action allows you to add it to your basket. You can add other products to the shopping cart by doing the same operation.


Once your basket is full, click on "place the order" or on the shopping cart at the top right of your page.


For the next step, authenticate yourself: create an account if you are a new customer or log in to your existing customer account.


Once you have confirmed your address, you will be directed to the order summary page with your products and the total of your order. Then click on "proceed to payment" at the bottom of the page.


On the payment page, you can check your order again (products, amount, delivery and billing address). Select your payment method.


If you are a medical practice you can only pay by credit card. If you are a private or public health establishment, you can choose to pay by bank transfer or credit card.


Once the payment of the order has been recorded, you will be directed to the order confirmation page.



I have a technical question about a product?


On the product sheet, below the photos, you can read the description and characteristics of the product.


If you do not find the information you are looking for, technical documents are available in PDF format below the description. To download them, you must login to your account or create one.


For any additional information, you can contact the seller directly.



How to contact a seller?


Make sure you are logged into your Yumantis account. If you are not, please login or create an account.


To send a message to the seller, click on his name in the "contact the seller" box on the right of the product sheet. A pop-up window opens and you can then ask your question.



How do I know if the product I want to have delivered is in stock?


In the box on the right of the product sheet, below the name of the product, it is indicated whether it is in stock or not.


If the item is in stock, it will be delivered according to the delivery time defined in the product sheet.



What if the available stock is less than the desired quantity?


If you want to add a certain quantity of items to your shopping cart when the available stock is lower, a message will indicate this. You can still order the available quantity.


For missing products, do not hesitate to contact the seller to find out the availability of the products.



Where can I have my order delivered and how much does it cost me?


The products available on Yumantis are only delivered in metropolitan France. The shipping costs are free for all orders over €150 excluding VAT.






I would like to indicate an invoicing address different from the delivery address, how do I do it?


You have the possibility to indicate a different billing address than the delivery address when placing the order. To do this, check the box indicating that the billing address is different from the delivery address. Then fill in the billing address. This change is also possible in your account settings. You can access it, once logged in, by moving your cursor to "My Account" at the very top of the site, then clicking on "My Profile".



What are the payment methods?


- For a medical practice, payment is made only by credit card,

- For an MCO or EHPAD establishment, payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer.


The credit card remains the fastest way to validate any order.



I need a quote, how do I do it?


For any request for a quote, contact us directly by the chat available at the bottom right, by phone at +33 2 78 77 77 56 00 or by email at the following address: clients@yumantis.com.



Can I pay by bank transfer for my order?


Only MCO/EHPAD institutions can make payments by bank transfer. To do this, select the payment method "Payment by bank transfer" when you make your purchase. Once the order has been validated, you will then be informed of our bank account details and the order details to be indicated during the transfer. We will not wait for the receipt of your transfer to send your order.






I would like to change my order, how do I do it?


Unfortunately, it is not possible to modify an order during processing.



In which case can I make a claim on my order?


You can make a claim on one or more items in your order by logging into the "My Claims" area in "My Account".


You can then select different reasons for complaint:


- The package arrived in poor condition and damaged,

- The package does not correspond to the product ordered,

- The product is broken and defective,

- The product is not the right size.


Following this selection, you can specify the reason for your claim. This claim will be sent directly to the seller who will validate or invalidate the refund request or exchange of your item(s).



My claim results in the exchange of my item(s) or refund of my item(s), how does this work?


In the event that your claim has resulted in an exchange, we organize the logistics of returning the product.


In the case of a refund, if your request has been accepted, your account will be credited promptly.



I have received a product but it is defective or incomplete, what should I do?


First of all, it is very important to check the condition of the package at the time of delivery.


Once our logistics specialist has prepared your package, they will hand it over to carriers who will forward it to you and deliver it to your address.


Our logistics specialist prepares the package carefully, but despite all their efforts, in some infrequent cases, it happens that the package is damaged during transport.


It is therefore very important to check the condition of the package when it is presented to you and to notify the delivery person in writing of any signs of damage outside, but also inside the package. Open the package in the presence of the delivery person and check that the product is intact. The written notification of any damage allows the logistician to open an investigation with his carrier.


If you do not report the problem upon delivery, the logistics provider will not be able to enforce his right with the carrier, which means that you will not be compensated.


You will then need to make a complaint to the seller by logging into your customer account.



I have received only a part of my order.


If you have placed your order with several sellers, each of the sellers has its own stock. This delivery can be split according to the stock of each product. Thus, in some cases, the order may be shipped in several packages.


You can track each order through your customer account in the "My Orders" section. You can access it by moving your cursor to "My Account" at the very top of the site on the right, then clicking on "My Orders".


If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.



What measures does Yumantis take when a materiovigilance problem is reported on a medical device?


As a party involved in the marketing of medical devices, we are required to inform you as soon as possible of a report of materiovigilance on a medical device.


Yumantis takes multiple precautionary measures when a medical device is challenged, depending on the level of danger of the incident or the risk of an incident:


- To suspend the use of the equipment in the event that its continued use could be dangerous,

- To recover consumables involved in an incident, and if possible, their packaging,

- Organize the recall in the establishment of one or more batches if the nature of the incident raises concerns that all devices in the batch(s) are dangerous,

- To preserve in the same condition the prostheses which have been the subject of an explantation under conditions of conservation suitable for their expertise,

- To inform the personnel concerned in order to stop the incident or prevent it from happening again.



I didn't find the invoice in my package, how do I get it?


When you place an order, you will receive one or more invoices by email.


If your order includes products from different vendors, one invoice is issued per vendor.

It is always possible to request an invoice from each seller again.



How to rate a product?


By rating the product, you help other Yumantis customers in their choices.


To rate a product, go to the product sheet where you can leave your opinion and a comment below the description.



My question is not in the list.


If you still have questions, contact our customer service through the chat in the window opening at the bottom of the page, by phone at +33 2 78 77 77 56 00 or by email at: clients@yumantis.com